Did you miss worship last Sunday but want to remain consistent in your weekly tithe or offering?

Have you been blessed and wish to donate a love offering to Emmanuel?

Would you prefer to give "electronically" in your financial stewardship to the Lord?

All of these are good reasons to make use of electronic giving -- one time or recurring. 

Simply "Give Now" by using the link provided below. You will be asked to select a payment method, start date, frequency and contribution amount. You can sign up to give one time, or a recurring gift.

On the date(s) scheduled, donations will be processed and deposited into Emmanuel’s bank account. It is safe and the funds are secure.  Your contribution will be processed each month on the date(s) you authorize. You can cancel or suspend donations by notifying the church. 

(Another good idea is to download the app “GivePlus Mobile” to your smartphone. Then enter Emmanuel Lutheran, Clovis, CA. You’ll need to register the first time BUT, after that, you can give wherever you toward the general offering or for special ministries such as our youth and the playground. Check it out.)